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We know PC, laptop and smartphone problems are almost always unplanned and usually need to be resolved as soon as possible. That’s we we strive to offer the most professional, courteous service and lightning fast turn around time.

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We’ve been assisting residents and businesses in Saskatoon with their computing needs for years now, and have the positive reviews from customers to prove it. Rest assured, we’re the best in the business!

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No surprises here. Our prices are fair and upfront which means no ridiculous prices you weren’t expecting. An effortless and pain-free PC repair experience, from start to finish.

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We believe your computer should be your friend, and getting any issue fixed, big or small shouldn’t be a huge headache. Our services are catered towards everyone from the seasoned user who needs a hand to small business owners who want to streamline their computing needs. From hardware & software upgrades to repairing cracked iPhone’s and iPad’s, we’ve done it all and are here to get you fixed up and on your way!

  • Desktop / Laptop Upgrades

    Sometimes an old machine just needs a fresh installation of Windows, some more memory for your daily tasks, or even just more hard drive space. Whatever your thinking, we offer upgrades of all types for both desktop and laptop machines! Call us today to find out more.

  • PC Optimization

    If your computer isn’t running as fast as the day you bought it, or you think you might have some minor mal ware issues, our optimization services are right up your alley. We’ll optimize your system settings, de fragment your hard drive and get your blazing fast machine back. Run more programs simultaneously, get more done!

  • Backup & Data Recovery

    Whether disaster has already struck and you feel like you may have lost all hope, or you want to avoid that exact situation – we’re fully equipped to help. From vacation photo’s to critical tax documents, our data recovery equipment and team is ready to help.

  • Custom PC's

    If you’re looking for that special PC that is fully customized to fit your needs – whether your a home or business user – we have the experience to source you the parts and get you something you’ll be more than satisfied with. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your average turn around time?

his obviously depends on the service we’re preforming for you, but in general we strive to keep your PC for as little as possible – we know you probably need it! For repair’s, it depends on the severity of the problem and if we need to order any parts. We’ll give you a range when you come in, and if there’s any change we’ll let you know 😉

My computer has been really slow lately, is this something you can fix?

Over time, your computer can become slow and laggy, usually due to a crowded hard drive, memory issues and an unoptimized instance of Windows. Our Saskatoon PC repair experts routinely bring laptops and desktops back to their former glory. Save yourself the time and need for technical knowledge, bring in your machine and let us get it running fast again. We can normally get it done in as little as 24 hours as well!

My laptop screen keeps flickering, is this something you can fix?

Laptop screens are something we have a decent amount of experience fixing. Whether you have a smashed or cracked screen, or there is simply a problem displaying content, bring your laptop in and we can give you a quote on the laptop repair process. Generally a new laptop screen will cost at least $100-120, however there are so many different models of laptops that it can be hard for us to keep prices up to date online. For cracked or broken screens, we do not repair the actual screen as it is normally not cost effective. The entire screen can be replaced for a much more efficient fee.

What type of warranty do you offer?

For any type of hardware repairs we do, you can expect our standard 30 day warranty which covers all service and labour preformed by our skilled technicians. For OS upgrades, everything should work fine, however if there are any additional questions you may have feel free to ask when you pick up your machine. We strive to be the PC repair store that stands behind all the work we do and all the parts we install. Rest assured we’re here to help!

What are the benefits of interior cleaning of components?

We highly recommend you invest in the interior cleaning of your desktop or laptop, especially if you’ve had your computer for a while and experience slow downs routinely. Dust particles can really build up on the motherboard and interior components and cut off airflow which consequently means your PC will heat up prematurely. Any hardware installations we do includes this as a complimentary service, however if you need it done exclusively give us a call – we can usually get it done the same or next day!

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